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    Become a Money Magnet, Attract Your Soul Mate, & Find Your Soul’s Purpose.
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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to launch 2021 with the inspired energy of your Magnificent Life!

Magnificent Membership only $11 a month

Working with the Akashic records through Stacy created a huge energetic shift which transformed my perspective of life. A renewed, rock solid foundation was built for me to spring from. Her guidance is clear and effective.

Dr. Marjorie Wolter

When I first started working with Stacy I felt blocked personally and professionally. My work with Stacy has lifted a great weight off me. I am now more connected with the Flow of my life. I am truly grateful for Stacy.

Penguin Pat

When I first started working with Stacy I felt blocked personally and professionally. My work with Stacy has lifted a great weight off me. I am now more connected with the Flow of my life. I am truly grateful for Stacy.

Penguin Pat

I had the most inspiring reading with Stacy Oliver. What a great opportunity to receive unbiased empowerment in a few areas of my life that needed a boost! WOW I got a great boost. Thank you!

Karen Conant

Tired of trying so hard and still not getting the results you want? 
Feeling blocked in your work life and struggling with money flow?
Longing for more meaningful relationships?
Wish you could be more inspired with a sense of purpose, full of energy and vitality?

The energy of the Akashic Records is the energy of your higher self, your true essence. Your Akashic Records hold the blueprint of your soul, healing, transformation and your infinite possibilities. By learning to connect with the Akasha energy you will raise your vibration and attract all you need to live your Magnificent Life.

You can go from Frustration to Freedom, Depression to Destiny, Powerlessness to Purpose, Emptiness to Empowerment, and Lonely to Loving. The Akashic Records can help activate this higher vibration of living.

You will find the peace, happiness, love, joy and potential that is always available to create the life of your dreams. Learn to connect with your Akashic Records and the Akasha energy to raise your vibration and accelerate your life in the direction you are meant to …Magnificence. 

Your Magnificent Life
is waiting for you. 

What you need now is a guide to coach you in learning to access your Akashic Records.  Once you learn this simple technique the Universe will work it’s magic in your life. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to Accelerate your Potential this December & January so you can start 2021 with a clear vision and the vibrational frequency to attract all you require to live your Magnificent Life!

We have a Master Manifestor Groups coming up on Thursdays and Tuesdays – launch you into 2021.  

You will gather online in zoom with others who are ready to accelerate their Magnificence. Stacy Oliver will guide you into the Akashic Records each week for four weeks to help you connect with your Akashic Records to raise your vibration and activate your Magnificence.  

So whether you are wanting to attract more money in your life, Live your Life Purpose, Find your Soulmate, or experience more Peace, the Master Manifestor Group and the energy of the Akashic Records can clear any blocks, help you get clear on your Divine Path to living your Magnificent Life. 

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